Larry & Kathie J State of Slim: Week 4

Larry Ulibarri and Kathie J have just finished their 4th week of their journey towards, “State of Slim” with the help of Dr. Holly and the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. 

Larry Ulibarri:

I have lost even more weight (17lbs)

For the first time I feel my habits changing.

Normally with other programs it’s starvation or a ton of supplements and drinks. This is just the food you buy at the store, when you eat and getting physical.

I’m so excited I don’t even think of temptations.

The indulgence meal totally satisfies you till the next week.

Can’t wait to meet the new me.



I FINALLY feel what Larry has been RAVING about….”not feeling temptation.” It took me longer than hoped to jump over the fence but I am so happy I am finally here. The past month has been me sabotaging me. I have been trying and trying but I was doing little small cheats here and there. It all adds up. I stayed with it though. One day of 10 min of working out is now turning into 25 minutes of working out. I am moving away from my excuses finally! Finally!! This is a journey and I need to just keep working and I’m just gonna keep getting back up when I fall.