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Leave Mimi Alone!!

I kinda wanna see the videos, tbh

“Why Are You A Virgin??”

UGH, Asked AND Answered!

The Sitch Enters The Clink

Prison looks lonely. Write him a letter!

Peaches or Hot Dogs?

Maybe we should change what she's holding in the opening scene.

Kylie and The Egg

An EGG beat Kylie Jenner's Most LIKED Instagram photo!

The Show Will Go On

But without a HOST??

Reason #137 Billion On Why To Get A Prenup

Shes taking half! Jeff Bezos isn't as rich as he was last year when he was worth $160 BILLION, but he's still the…

The Bachelor Premiere

y'all, it was THREE hours long

The New Face Of Prison Reform

KKW gettin it DONE, SON