Slim: 3 to 7P

Some of you have known SLiM forever, and if not then he says, “WHATS UP!” He’s been in Denver since 2001….and he’s hooked! He really can’t say enough about how much he love’s Colorado. But you know how that is, this is the most amazing State there is!

He’s always ready for anything outdoors in the Mile High, or anything at Red Rocks…. seriously… anything. He’s a passionate collector…swears he’s not a hoarder…its “collecting,” and you can find him buying all kinds of 80s and 90s memorabilia, video games, comic books, and toys. He has no idea what he’s going to do with any of it. Oh well 🙂

Did we mention his love for dogs? He has 3! Poochie, Bacon and Wasabi. He also picks great dog names.

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