90 Day Fiance: Ready To Run

Ugh. Another week of YELLING AT STEVEN YELLING AT OLGA. He is triggering me!! His parents must’ve really done a number on him, I’ve never seen such a selfish brat and I have 3 of my own children.

Jay and Ashley didn’t realize racism is alive and kicking in their tiny town of Mechanicsburg, PA and all over their wedding registry. It’s terribly sad and Jay thinks it’s all his fault.  The preview for next week shows they are cancelling the wedding because the information is public and threats have been made against them.

Oh Leida. Eric can’t afford a couch, much less a lavish wedding. Also, paying child support is the LAW – But what I find adorable is that SHE wants HIM to support HER child from another marriage. She now wants to cancel the wedding.

Coltee and Larissa go apartment hunting and  it’s basically just to tease Larissa as he has zero intention of leaving Mother, who Larissa describes as a cat: silent, sneaky, and appearing out of nowhere “to ruin your life and make it hell”.  Accurate.

I”m skipping anything Jonathan and Fernanda because they are boring and I FFWD their parts.

Finally, Kalani and Mowgli. Please send this jungle boy back in time to the planet he belongs on. She won’t leave him alone with his big boy bike, let alone “Her son”. I also saw texts of him cheating on her before he came to America on Instagram so I am confident they should NOT WED.