Polis outlines ‘safer-at-home’ order allowing many businesses to reopen (with strict precautions)

DENVER — Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) said the state will transfer to a safer-at-home model with a path forward that maintains 60% to 65% social distancing on April 27 after the stay-at-home expires at a news conference Monday afternoon.

Polis outlined the businesses that will be allowed to reopen — all with strict precautions in place — under the safer-at-home period.

Polis said many retail stores will open on May 1, and will look like critical retailers today, with spacing that adheres to the 6-foot rule, one-way aisles, decals on the floor and employees wearing face masks.

Under the safer-at-home model, the general public is:

  • Encouraged to stay at home unless necessary.
  • Strongly advised to wear face coverings when out.
  • No gatherings over 10 people.
  • Sick people may not go to work.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel.

Below are the businesses that will be allowed to open and their precautions after the expiration of the April 27 stay-at-home order:

Non-critical offices

50% open with strict precautions

Large workplaces advised to have symptom/temperature checks

Telecommuting maximized

Restaurants/bars/event venues

Takeout/delivery only

Exploring phased-in reduced capacity opening


Open, with strict precautions

Educational institutions (colleges/K-12)


Personal services (salons, tattoo parlors, dog grooming, nail salons, personal trainers, etc.)

Open with strict precautions

Elective medical procedures

Open with strict precautions including PPE and ability to meet critical care needs

Real estate

Showings, with strict precautions and social distancing

On Friday, the governor issued an executive order requiring essential workers at places like grocery stores to wear face masks while interacting with the public. These can be either medical masks or ones made out of cloth — something he has already recommended all Coloradans wear when outside their homes.  

Earlier, the governor said allowing businesses to reopen will be more like a dimmer than turning on a light switch. This is dependent on testing, which the CDPHE said the state currently does not have the capacity for.

Polis said large gatherings will likely not be able to occur until there is a vaccine, effective treatment or enough herd immunity to effectively quell the spread of the virus.

But, Polis also said he knows stay-at-home orders can’t exist indefinitely, and that he hopes to create an environment where businesses can reopen but people can still keep their distance while health officials battle coronavirus “hot spots” in certain communities.

“We’re all in this together, we’re all in this together as Coloradans, we’re all in this together as Americans, and we’re all in this together as humans,” Polis said.


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