Michael Jackson Estate Accuses Latoya Jackson’s Ex-fiance of Robbing Jackson’s Estate Following His Death

Michael Jackson‘s estate has accused Jeffre Phillips, the ex-fiance of the late singer’s sister LaToya Jackson, of stealing some of the singer’s personal items following Jackson’s death in 2009. Phillips was at Jackson’s estate when he died in 2009. He reportedly stayed there for about a week after Jackson’s death.  Phillips allegedly stole Jackson’s iPhone, clothes, driver’s license, prescription pills, handwritten letters, electronics (video cameras, computers, laptops, hard drives), and a briefcase with personal and business documents. He allegedly stole the pajamas Jackson was wearing when he died. Phillips was dating LaToya Jackson at the time, but the pair didn’t get engaged until 2013. They broke up in 2015. No charges were filed against Philip. Have you ever had something stolen from you that was irreplaceable?

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