Mask Vs. No Mask Experiment Shows How Important It Is To Wear Masks To Stop The Coronavirus

The debate of whether to wear a mask continues as more states see a surge in Coronavirus infections. A new experiment done by researcher Rich Davis shows how important it is to wear a mask using agar cultures.
Davis tweeted that he had sung, sneezed, talked, and coughed into a petri dish with, and without a mask, he shared a picture and it was downright scary.

Davis set up several Petri dishes that showed the number of bacteria spread with and without a mask when a sneeze, conversation, singing a song, or cough happened. He then did the experiment again at a distance.

The number of bacteria represented in the Petri dishes with no mask was enormous compared to the dishes with a mask, hence the need for a mask is necessary. Davis’ experiment was retweeted over 166,000 times and was “liked” over 280,000 times

Source Topic Pulse