‘Mario Kart’ Style Ice Karting Pop-Up Is Coming to Denver!

Courtesy of Explore Hidden
Courtesy of Explore Hidden

Get ready, Denver! All of your childhood dreams are about to come true—the Mario Kart-style pop-up is sliding its way back to the Mile High City. The Ice Karting pop-up will be at Big Bear Ice Arena (8580 E. Lowry Blvd.) in Denver this September! “Go Karting On Ice is coming back to Denver this time with some epic new games and lighting! Enjoy the thrill of driving on an exhilarating icy rink, the perfect way to have some unique and competitive fun with your friends and family!” says the organizer.


Tickets are on sale now at explorehidden.com and are up to $55 per person.

Are you excited to race around on the ice in a Mario Kart fashion?

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