Kendall B’s The B List – CDC Recommendations For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and plans are starting to be made by family and friends.

This year might be a bit different because of coronavirus.

The CDC has listed recommendations on how to celebrate safely.

First, keep your Thanksgiving celebrations small and preferably among people you live with. I know, buzzkill. Virtual dinners with family and online shopping are the safest ways to enjoy the holiday.

With a little more exposure and risk involved, the CDC says small outdoor dinners, socially distanced pumpkin patch visits and parades would be the next level of Thanksgiving fun.

Here are the high risk situations the CDC doesn’t think it’s smart to do:

  • Attend large dinners or gatherings indoors.
  • Going to crowded parades or sporting events.
  • Battling with other shoppers in person on Black Friday.

What about traveling? The CDC says there is always a risk of COVID exposure when traveling whether it’s by car, plane or train. Take all of the precautions you can to stay safe if you plan to visit relatives or friends.