Bronco’s Cancel Thursday Practice To Stand In Solidarity

Looks like, when it comes to standing in unity and against police brutality and the unjustified shooting of Jacob Blake, Denver is taking a page out of the NBA’s handbook!

As reported by FOX 31, The Bronco’s Cancel Thursday Practice To Stand In Solidarity!

The Broncos have been very upfront and out on the front lines, leading some of the earlier protests in Downtown Denver. The team will not be practicing, which was supposed to happen around 9:15 a.m., but the team held a meeting at 8 a.m. to speak about the current environment and culture!

The Denver Nuggets also postponed their playoff game to boycott the shooting of Jacob Blake. The Milwaukee Brewers and also the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their games on Wednesday too!

Do you feel like professional sports teams should take more of a stand in the community for injustice?

Photo credit: google