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08 October 2015

Ellen Ochoa

In 1991, Ellen Ochoa became NASA’s first Hispanic woman astronaut. In 1993, she became the first

Hispanic woman to go to space. She served on a nine-day mission on the space shuttle Discovery. She is

also the first Hispanic director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Ochoa has received special honors from

NASA, including Distinguished Service Medal and Outstanding Leadership Medal. She also earned the

Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award. Ochoa’s Hispanic roots come from her father’s side of the family.

Her father’s parents were Mexican. “Being an astronaut is a wonderful career,” Ochoa said in a NASA

press release. “I feel very privileged. But what I really hope for young people is that they find a career

they’re passionate about, something that’s challenging and worthwhile.” JAMMIN’ one oh one five

recognizes Ellen Ochoa