THE B LIST – Anita Baker Says We Can Buy Her Music Again!

Earlier this year, Anita Baker told fans to not stream or buy any of her music because she was in a fight over her master recordings.

In March, Baker tweeted, “Miraculously… i have out-lived *ALL, of my Artists Contracts They no longer “Own”, My Name & Likeness. And, by Law…30 yr old, Mstrs are 2B Returned, 2 Me Unfortunately, They’re gonna make me Fight 4 it. I’m Prepared, 2 do that. Please Dont advertise/buy them ABXO.”

Here’s an update! Anita has won!

She tweeted, “All My Children Are Coming Home,” with pictures of her first five albums, The Songstress,”  “Rapture,” “Giving You the Best That I Got,” “Compositions,”  and “Rhythm of Love.”

When fans asked if it was ok to resume streaming her music, Anita tweeted, “Yes. Chil’ren…Stream.”

Baker also announced a new compilation and box set was in the works with Rhino Records.

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