The 11th Annual Chihuahua Races at The NEWSED Cinco de Mayo Festival at Civic Center Park

The JAMMIN’ 101.5 Chihuahua Races is a tournament with multiple heats of 64 chihuahuas!  Your chihuahua will compete to advance to the final race. The Chihuahuas will race 4 at a time. The winning Chihuahua from each heat will advance to the next race. One Chihuahua will win the Grand Prize and be deemed the JAMMIN’ CHIHUAHUA champion.

Register your Chihuahua below and JAMMIN’ 101.5 will notify you by email to let you know if your chihuahua is registered for the race. Only 64 dogs will be registered, so don’t wait! Upon Check-in from noon-1:30pm on May 8th at Civic Center Park, you will be given a race packet with your chihuahua’s race number, and you will need to sign a waiver form for your dog’s ability to compete. The chihuahua that proves that it has a need for speed will also win a TOP GUN: MAVERICK prize pack, $500 cash, $250 Pet Supply Gift Card and a Trophy!

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