Snow Spotted: First Flakes of the Season Appear in Colorado

Get ready, Colorado! The first signs of snow for the season are upon us …

Well, Colorado, like all good things, summer must come to an end. The first signs of winter are starting to appear in higher elevated areas of the state, and we’re preparing ourselves for a snowy and cold season.

Wednesday night’s storm bought hail in parts of the state—golf ball- to lemon-sized hail was reported in Sterling, among other places. Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) also has images of snow near and around Vail Pass that fell overnight into the early morning:

vail pass, snowfall

Courtesy of Colorado Department of Transportation

It is possible that parts of Colorado may see some more of the white stuff in the next few days, as weather forecasts predict storms and colder temperatures for parts of Northern Colorado. Higher elevations such as Vail, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs have a slight chance of snow this week and early next week with cold fronts skirting the northern part of Colorado.

Another storm is possibly be going to head to Northern Colorado early next week, which could bring another small bit of snow to the northernmost part of the state, but it is too soon to tell if that system will affect the state or pass us by to the north.

Higher places, like Steamboat Springs, see about 6 inches of snowfall each October, while Aspen usually gets about 10 inches. Denver typically sees its first snow, on average, around October 18—the earliest ever on record for the city, however, was September 3, 1961. Last year, places like Aspen saw their first snow in early October.

Source OCN