PEOPLE Reveal ‘2019 People Of The Year’: Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama

With the year (and decade) rapidly drawing to a close, it’s time for many a round-up list. And PEOPLE are one of the first to the table with their 2019 People Of The Year tally.

Ever eclectic, this year’s list spans the spheres of music, acting, literature, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. For, it’s anchored by Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Aniston.

Peep covers and editor insights into why each lady made the cut….


Jennifer Lopez ticked every possible box as she turned 50 this year: Oscar buzz for Hustlers, which she coproduced; a blockbuster music tour; a beautiful family; an upcoming Super Bowl appearance. And she’s having a blast: “It’s just, wow, woowwww,” she said about all the accolades.

In 2019 Michelle Obama became the bestselling memoirist of all time, and the audio version of Becoming was nominated for a Grammy — a first for a First Lady. In a Gallup survey, Mrs. Obama was named the most admired woman in the world, and it’s no wonder, since she continues to do so much work to improve girls’ education both here at home and in countries like Namibia with her Global Girls Alliance.

Although she’s been a singer for more than 15 years, 2019 was arguably the year Taylor Swift found her voice: She stood up to protect her creative rights, spoke out for what she believed in and continued to produce music that showed wisdom and storytelling beyond her years—her album Lover became 2019’s bestselling record in just one week. Truly epic.

Jennifer Aniston summed up that zeitgeist on The Morning Show — which she coproduced for Apple TV+ — in the pivotal boardroom scene, when she told a roomful of men, “You don’t have the power anymore. . . . We are doing this my way.” It’s one of the best performances of her career.

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