Pandemic Jobs in Denver

Tons of Companies are Hiring Right Now

Many Coloradans have been displaced from their jobs as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the Nation.

However, there are still many companies here in Denver that are actually boosting up their employment opportunities.

Construction and related industries continue to add jobs during this time. Colin Turner from Brannan Companies, said “Construction continues here in Denver and we have more jobs than ever. We’re increasing our asphalt division and we’ll be adding over 60 jobs just to that division.” Brannan Companies is also hiring for multiple positions like: Equipment Operators, Pipe division laborers and excavator operators,  heavy haul low boy drivers and CDL Drivers, Mixer Drivers, Mechanics and more. To apply at Brannan Click Here or send an email to [email protected]

Safeway Distribution is also needing to boost the number of employees at their Denver operation. The high demand we’ve seen at the grocery stores have increased the need for more people to work at their warehouse. To apply right now (CLICK HERE). 

Here’s a link to additional services to help Coloradans through this difficult time. Many government agencies and local support groups are coming together to make sure our displaced workers are not without options. (click here for resources)

In just the last two days, more than 10,700 unemployment claims have been filed, overwhelming the system. Monday, 3,900 claims were submitted, and 6,800 claims were entered as of 10 a.m. Tuesday. In contrast, last Monday, only 400 claims were filed, the department said during a conference call Tuesday.