From Warm Weather to Winter? Denver’s First Snow of the Season Possible on Thursday

Snow is possible this week for north-central and northeast Colorado.

Gotta love fall in Colorado where the weather can knock out three seasons in one week. You can have summer one day, fall the next, summer again … then snow. That is pretty much what will be happening this week.

We enjoyed some beautiful, fall-like weather over the weekend; Tuesday is supposed to be almost 80 degrees, and then we’ve got Thursday … cold with possible snow in the forecast. The low on Thursday is supposed to be in the low 20s with a high in the 30s or 40s. This puts us squarely in the realm of snow for the metro area, Front Range, and Colorado Springs area. So far, all the weather models are sticking to the snow prediction, but it is not guaranteed.

Layer up because Colorado is about to chill out. Courtesy of GIPHY

If we do receive snow, it will likely be a dusting or a light covering. But hey, snow is snow! It may feel early, but Denver’s first snowfall, on average, is October 18, so it’s just a week or so ahead of schedule. Of course, the mountains already received snow back in September.

Interestingly, three October snowstorms are among the top 25 biggest storms in Denver’s recorded history. The largest of those happened in 1906, dumping 22.7 inches from October 20 to 23.  Some of you may remember the 21.9-inch storm that stopped everyone in their tracks on October 24-25, 1997. Another storm in early October 1969 produced about 16 inches of snow.


Actual footage of the October 1997 blizzard. Courtesy of Imgur. 

Whether we see snow or not, we are most definitely in frost season now, so be sure to bring in the plants you can and winterize the rest. Sunday night to Monday morning was predicted to be the first freeze of fall in the metro area.

Crisp, fall mornings and chilly evenings are here to stay, but the daytime temp will stay pleasant for at least a while longer. The 60s will return by the weekend and next week according to extended forecasts. Enjoy it while you can because we may be in for it this winter, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. The publication actually referred to it as  “Polar Coaster Winter Ahead,” if that gives you an idea of what we are in for. Check out our take on the prediction to start mentally preparing yourself.

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Do you think we’ll get snow out of this storm? Are you ready for snow season?

Source OCN