Colorado Sets New Record in 2021 Marijuana Sales

Colorado set a new record in 2021 for marijuana tax and fee revenue collected in a single year. The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) said Colorado collected over $423 million in revenue from marijuana sales in 2021 compared to the previous record of over $387 million in 2020. Additionally, Colorado has surpassed $2 BILLION, yes BILLION with a revenue and $12 Billion in marijuana sales to date since retail marijuana sales began in 2014.

Marijuana Tax and Fee Revenue

January to December 2021 Calendar Year Total: $423,486,053

December 2021: $30,609,563

To Date Total (since February 2014): $2,018,933,005

Marijuana Sales

January to November 2021 Calendar Year Total: $2,060,952,959

November 2021: $158,462,549

To Date Total (since January 2014): $12,039,747,032