Charges Filed Against Evergreen Woman Feeding Deer In House

Charges Have Been Filed Against Evergreen Woman, Who Was Caught On Video Feeding Deer In House!

PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! In case you didn’t know, DEER ARE WILDLIFE and can be extremely dangerous and furthermore, IT’S ILLEGAL!

In the video, the woman is seen luring a buck into her home with bread and fruit, calling the animal “my angel” and “my baby.”

According to the source, the woman also appeared to talk to a couple more of the animals as they stood in her house!!

She can even be heard calling them Sandy and McKenzie. Also in the video, it shows a buck eating rolled oats cereal, bananas, bread and apples out of a plastic bin on a table.

Uhhh NO MA’AM! She was fined more than $500 for these shenanigans!

Photo credit:TheMercuryNews