Jansen Legal


JansenLegal, P.C. provides honest and aggressive representation for all traffic and criminal matters. We are committed to defending the criminally accused and we strongly believe that an excellent criminal defense is one that engages you as an active team member in your own case. The criminal justice system can be intimidating and very complex. It is easy for someone to get “lost” or “confused,” especially when they are unrepresented. JansenLegal realizes that every case impacts a person’s life in a significant way and we believe it is vital to have a strong relationship between an attorney and a client who understands your situation. JansenLegal wholeheartedly recognizes that your case is the most important, and possibly the most stressful and serious situation occurring in your life. It is our job to zealously represent you through the “process” without minimizing your concerns or treating you like a “criminal.”

Molly F. Jansen has distinguished herself as a Colorado DUI Attorney by successfully representing hundreds of persons arrested for Alcohol related offenses and is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing at the same level as Colorado Police Officers. Molly provides DUI Criminal Defense Representation in the Denver Front Range Area