The Airline Most Likely To Bump Passengers

In case your traveling this holiday season, you may want to know which airline is most likely to boot passengers!

Frontier airlines lead the pack when it comes to bumping passengers! (Click Here To See Frontiers New Service Animal Policy)

Spirit Airlines ranks second-worst on the list.

Alaska Airlines was third while regional carrier PSA Airlines was forth and American Airlines round out the top five.

Nonetheless, the Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier’s volume of enplaned passengers was nearly seven times that of Frontier.

Try to check-in online with your flight at least 24-hours ahead of your travel. Delta Air Lines is the most reliable U.S. airline when it comes to bumping passengers (0.02 IDBs per 100,000), reporting just 22 IDBs despite a volume of more than 138 million enplaned passengers last year.