State of Slim Update Number 2 with Dr Holly

Larry and Kathie of Jammin’ 101.5 are on a journey towards State of Slim with the author Dr. Holly and CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. They have been doing the program for over 6 weeks and have had amazing results, but for both Larry and Kathie the roads have been different.

In this second update, the three of them discuss where they are at in the program and where they are headed. It’s been a difficult journey at times but both Larry Ulibarri and Kathie J are on their journey to become ‘State of Slim;.

Larry Ulibarri –
Had to call the police on my trainer Tim for attempted murder. Im sore as hell!!!! Plus it gets worse as the days go by!!!! That said, it kinda feels good to be sore! Is that strange? Down 2 more pounds!!!!

People are definitely starting to notice. Makes me want to go faster but Dr Holly says it’s not about a number more than a life change. ❤️ her! Even tho I’ll NEVER forgive her for taking television away! ????????