Man Gets Kicked Off A Southwest Plane For Making A “Vodka Joke”

After HOURS of sitting on the tarmac…a male Southwest Airlines passenger was arrested for telling the flight attendant a joke that he “wished the water was vodka.” That was it.

Passengers reported that their flight had a maintenance light come on right as they were taxiing away from the gate. The plane then sat on the tarmac while it was being fixed. They sat there so long that the plane had to RE-FUEL.

Flight attendants began passing out water to passengers. As the flight attendant came up to Peter Uzelac’s row, the man sitting next to him said, ” They should be passing out vodka because we’ve been waiting so long.” The flight attendant told the man she didn’t like his joke. Peter’s wife spoke up and said, “We’ve been on this plane for hours” to which the FA replied, “Well, so have I, so get used to it.”

Then the Flight Attendant called the police and the plane went back to the gate and Sacramento Cops boarded the plane to remove the man who made the joke about the vodka. Uzelac said that multiple passengers stood up and tried to explain to the cops that the man didn’t do anything. It was a harmless joke.

Cops removed him anyway even though he wasn’t charged with any crime. Peter and other passengers filed a complaint. Southwest Airlines said that “they are looking into the manner.” SMH