Janet Jackson Surprises Father Who Was Gifted Tickets To Her Show

A man was gifted tickets to see Janet Jackson in concert during her Metamorphosis Tour in Las Vegas for Father’s Day, and the video of him receiving his gift quickly went viral. However, a new video of the doting dad backstage at the show is gaining more traction.

KB Strawder Jr. recorded his father expressing his gratitude and excitement with just “seeing [Jackson] on stage,” which he called a highlight of the experience. What came next was Ms. Jackson thanking Mr. Strawder for the kind words, much to his complete shock and surprise.

“That’s really sweet I’m glad,” she says to him. He turns around and stares in disbelief before they embrace with a hug.

“The son, who also shared a series of photos on Instagram from the fun-filled evening, thanked Joey Harris Inc. for ‘making this connection possible’ and went on to again thank Jackson for “spending time with him that he’ll never forget,” writes Good Morning America of the special moment.

Jackson shared the video on her Instagram page, and the original video on Strawder Jr.’s Twitter has been viewed over 7 million times.

Watch the adorable video below, and the original video of him opening his Father’s Day gift below.

Source VIBE