Doin’ Too Much – Man Pulls Gun at Popeyes over Condiments

Not enough ranch? Slacking on ketchup? Too little hot sauce? We don’t know for sure but we do know a Louisiana man pulled a gun on a Popeyes worker in an argument over condiments.

59-year-old Earl Jethroe walked into his Popeyes chicken restaurant in Marrero, Louisiana on Friday and placed his order. When he received his food, things got dicey.  Yes…his name is Jethroe!!

Jethroe threw his chicken across the counter and pulled a pistol on the manager. No shots were fired and no one was hurt. Jethroe was unhappy with the condiments. We don’t know whether it was the number of condiments or the flavor he took issue with.

Police caught up with Jethroe making a scene at a Church’s Chicken not far away. Authorities say he smelled like alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. He was arrested and charged with several offenses.