Did Paula Abdul Survive A Horrific Plane Crash??

Oh my heavens. PAULA. As someone who prides myself on being fully on top of everything Paula, I was shocked to hear this story that has never seen the light of day. On Tuesday’s episode of RuPaul’s new talk show, RuPaul , Paula Abdul, took to Ru’s pink couch to promote her upcoming Las Vegas residency. In the process, she told a story she’s previously told several times about surviving a plane crash during her Under My Spell Tour, which ran from 1991-92. She said:

“During the end of my world tour, the Spellbound tour, when I was traveling from one city to the next, in a small seven-seater plane, one of the engines blew up and the right wing caught on fire, and we crash-landed. I didn’t have my seatbelt on and I hit my head on the top of the plane and that went on to… I withstood 15 cervical spinal surgeries and I had to take seven years off. And then I reappeared on American Idol.”

There are apparently so many conflicts with her story, it feels like a dream to me!


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