Bobby Brown Was Ejected From A Flight For Allegedly Being Drunk

Bobby Brown has spent the majority of his career as your drunk uncle who won a talent show back in 1975 and won’t shut the hell up about it. True, we all recognize his R&B hits from back in the day, but his messiness and tabloid fodder far outweighs that. Case in point: Yesterday morning, Bobby was thrown off of a JetBlue flight after crew members suspected he was intoxicated, though passengers believe JetBlue was overreacting.

TMZ reports that Bobby was on a flight leaving LAX and heading for Boston for a family member’s funeral, so that alone is enough to unnerve someone on a Monday morning. Since this is Bobby B we’re talking about, he was reportedly a drunken mess on the flight and causing a disturbance. JetBlue should’ve handled a mid-morning drunk Bobby by throwing a spotlight on him before asking him to do a few bars of “My Prerogative” as they took off. But instead, they kicked Bobby, and everyone else, off the plane, which caused an hour delay.

Source DListed
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