4 Things That Happen To Your Brain When You Get Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep

New research suggests losing sleep affects your brain in 4 important ways

If you feel anxious  or angry all the time…maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your sleep. A new study suggests that your brain goes into a frenzy trying to cope through the day on 6 or less hours of sleep. Here are the 4 ways it affects you.

  1. You get distracted more easily so your brain is trying to look for distractions to stay awake. You think you are multi tasking when in reality your body is trying to keep you awake.
  2. You are more anxious. When you lose sleep your anxiety is 30% higher than normal.  For some it can equal that of having an anxiety disorder.
  3. You are quick to argue and have a shorter fuse. You have a shorter fuse.  People who get less than  four-and-a-half hours of sleep were more likely to be annoyed by little things and were less patient with their family and co-workers.
  4. You become a risk taker. Not in a good way. You tend to throw caution to the wind more because your brain can not focus on the depth of a task.

Bottom line….very few of us are getting enough sleep so find a way to get 6hrs of sleep on a reg for your heart, brain and the people around you. 🙂