$273 million Mega Millions Lottery Winner Almost Forgot Ticket in New Jersey Store

$273M Mega Millions winner forgot ticket at store but stranger turned it in

The chances of you winning the lotto are out of this world, but what are the chances of losing a winning tickets and gettin it back? Mega Millions winner has the kindness of a stranger to thank for $273M jackpot. A New Jersey lottery winner says his $273 million Mega Millions win was only possible because a stranger helped reunite him with the winning ticket. Winner Mike Weirsky, 54, recounted the story at a press conference on Thursday

Weirsky had two tickets to check that weekend. The first ticket was not a winner. After reviewing the second and seeing a lot of matching numbers, he knew he had to get it to the store immediately to confirm he had a winner.

He ventured out in a snowstorm to his closest retailer to scan the ticket. He read the good news in person.

It was a jackpot-winning ticket!

“I just didn’t believe it. I just didn’t believe that it was me, after all these years of playing, I finally had something that said you’re a big winner than two dollars,” Weirsky said.