What’s the one thing that usually sucks at most major festivals?  The restrooms!
Whether your squatting in a hot porta-potty or waiting in a concrete bathroom, 30 minutes for a stall to opening up,
small bladders and big festivals don’t mix!
 JAMMIN’ 101.5 has then answer!!
It’s the 1st ever JAMMIN 101.5 “VI-PEE” pass!
JAMMIN’ 101.5 has secured our very own, private Porta-Potty for this Labor Day weekend at A Taste of Colorado!
Imagine using an ever clean, over-sized, comforting porta-potty with luxurious aloe infused toilet paper
and hints of potpourri in the air at your disposal for the entire weekend as you eat and drink your way throughout the 4-day festival!
So drink all the Coors Light, Water & Lemonade you want, cuz JAMMIN’ listeners are going VI-PEE this year at A Taste of Colorado!
The only thing that could possibly make this a better restroom experience is if Geoffrey from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air climbed out from behind the toilet to wipe your bum while giving you some life-coach advice!!
Space is limited and the only way to get in, is to win your way in!!
Listen weekdays at 11a, 1p & 4p to win your way in to A Taste of Colorado in VI-PEE style!
Lock the JAMMIN 101.5 contest line in to your smart phone now to win!

JAMMIN’ Contest Line: 303-597-1015