Over 22 years in Radio, 14 right here in Denver, Colorado
Born in NYC, raised in California, but never leaving Colorado.
Sang the National Anthem with The San Francisco Boys Choir at the Super Bowl in 1985
I once beat Mike Tyson….on Nintendo….only once….but it was epic
My cousin is the lady with three boobs in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recal…FACT!
I’ve jumped out an airplane twice. Only once was by choice.
I’m the only radio DJ in the world named SLiM, that isnt 300lbs
Been naked in front of 26,000 people?….ive done that
I own arcade games, yes…the ones you put a quarter in.
I never miss an episode of WWE Raw…don’t judge me!
I still have the empty bottle of Carlo Rossi that I threw up with while partying with E-40
I think Rakim is the greatest MC ever, but my favorite is DMX.
I collect comic books, video games, toys, and pics of Jennifer Lopez
I’m 100% Puerto Rican. That’s not pronounced Porta Rican, or Perta Rican…thank you.
I think I’m funny….but my friends can confirm…that is not true.
Me and Devonte Luv roll around in his girls Pink Volkswagen. We make it look good tho.
I have 19 years of legal drinking experience.
My girlfriend thinks she can beat me up.
I only go to the Mountains in the winter to drink at the lodge.
I’ve been to Alaska. Take my word for it…skip it.
I don’t touch bathroom doors without a paper towel.
I can pick stuff up with my toes.
I don’t have any tattoos…but if i did, id have a radio mic.
My favorite food was bacon before it was a fad.
Don’t discriminate, and always congratulate.


1. Over 10 yrs in Denver radio.. Started young 18
2. Love to collect snacks – They come in handy
3. Always keep a bottle lotion.. Get your mind out the gutter… Colorado is dry
4. Lost my virginity at 21
5. I’m terrified of spiders
6. One of my favorite cartoon movies of all time.. All dogs go to heaven
7. Colorado native, but never been skiing or snowboarding
8. My favorite book I read in school was the outsiders. They where bad assess
9. My first concert was the no limit tour .. Make em’ Say Ugh!!!
10. My favorite drink was Hennessy.. Till my 21st b-day lets just say the bathtub was my bed at the end of the night!
11. Was given the nickname “Happy Feet” because I love to dance
12. My all time favorite after school tv program was the Power Rangers . I was the Black Ranger of course
13. I crop dust at least 2 people a week
14. DJ’d on top of a truck in the gay pride parade…with no shirt!
15. I wiped my feet on rick James’ couch
16. Dressed up like Serena Williams for Halloween
17. Can eat a pound of sun flower seeds and not blister my tongue
18. I’ve been known to wear adult Underoos
19. Never learned to swim
20. Spend my days trying save SLIM from all the sin in the world
21. Love the Dentist, hate the Proctologist
22. Start my car with a screw driver
23. Can recite the McDonalds dollar menu by memory
24. This is a long list com’n mannnnn
25. Are you reading this?